The Human Kinetics Program (HKP) of the University of the Philippines Baguio (UPB) grew out of the former Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (SPEAR) Division. Before U.P. Baguio’s elevation into the 7th Constituent Unit, the SPEAR Division in UP Baguio was a distinct unit existing alongside other divisions of what was then UP College Baguio which provided courses to satisfy the physical education requirements of students in all programs offered by the degree-granting units of the university. Physical education was originally under the Department of Physical Education of Diliman in 1961 but was absorbed by U.P College Baguio in the 1970s. With U.P. Baguio’s elevation to C.U. status in 2002, the SPEAR Division became the Human Kinetics Program under the College of Science.

Today, the HKP continues to provide advanced instruction and undertake research in the human movement sciences. It also aims to promote physical education, sports, and recreation among the students and other constituents of the University through its service PE program, athletic/sports program, and dance program.