2021-2022 REPORT

Role of the Committee

The Socials Committee is a college-level committee responsible for planning and coordinating activities that encourage a culture of science engagement and appreciation. The committee also supports the promotion of a sense of community and familiarity within the College of Science through the organization of other social and recreational events that maintain a positive and supportive atmosphere for its members. Given this context, the committee is governed by collective duties and responsibilities as detailed in the following section.

Responsibilities of the Committee

The responsibilities of the committee are as follows:

  • provide the College Executive Board (CEB) with a work plan and budget proposal for committee-initiated events, subject to approval;
  • plan and assist in the promotion and execution of approved events;
  • work collaboratively with other members of the college to ensure the elements of an event are finalized promptly and are executed satisfactorily;
  • serve as a liaison of the college for internal and external coordination of committee-initiated events; and
  • compile a year-end report (including a financial summary of all expenses incurred by the committee) for presentation at the College Assembly

Activities of the Committee

The committee has met on numerous occasions and has been involved in the following activities/events:

Major involvements:

  • organization of online tribute program for retiree (February 2021);
  • CS Week (April 2021);
  • CS Virtual Send-off for graduates (July 2021);
  • updating and posting of faculty and administrative staff roster (December 2021); and
  • CS year-end program (December 2021)

Minor involvements:

  • Freshmen Orientation (October 2021);
  • National Science Technology Week (November 2021);
  • Pasiklaban (December 2021);

Future events:

  • CS Week 2022 (September 2022);
  • tribute program for retirees (June 2022)
  • CS Virtual Send-off (June 2022)