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The College of Science was established in December 2002 when the University of the Philippines Baguio became the 7th constituent university of the UP System. Evolved from the merger of the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and the Sports, Physical Education and Recreation Division, the College continues to take the lead in upgrading Science and Mathematics education and research in Northern Luzon.


Our Vision

The College of Science aims to continue offering high standard and relevant quality education through good practices in program implementation that follow innovative pedagogical strategies that utilize appropriate technology in supporting this endeavor.

It will further its objectives by initiating interdisciplinary programs anchored on disciplinary specializations in its efforts to enhance the efficiency of research conduct and management.
It will continue to encourage and reward scientific productivity by conducting research responsive to the needs of the region, nation, and the global community.
The College envisions itself moving towards a more inclusive and equitable environment that enables faculty members to lead on with exemplary qualifications – mindful of scholarly research and dedicated to public service. 
Furthermore, it will support UP Baguio’s wellness program for both academic and support staff to guarantee efficiency in service to the university and the society.
Lastly, the College, together with the University, will take initiative to continue, strengthen and widen the reach of its involvement in public service by sharing individual and collective expertise with other academic institutions, local government units, NGOs, peoples’ organizations, and indigenous communities in the region and other areas.

Our Goals

In accordance with the mission and vision of the University, the college aims to accomplish the following objectives:
• To continue in formulating new degree programs while sustaining the old ones;
• To encourage interdisciplinary researches across programs;
• To institutionalize the Science Research Center in continuing research responsive to the need of the region, and in the enhancement of interdisciplinary collaboration within the departments of the College and even with other faculty members in other colleges of the University of the Philippines Baguio;
• To have a closer linkage with the Cordillera Studies Center as the university’s research center and as an aide in putting up the biodiversity and innovation research center;
• To foster an environment suitable for the growth of the academic and support staff; and,
• To provide public service based on each academic and support staff’s specialization


Our Mission

In line with the college’s vision, it is our mission, therefore, to produce scientific leaders and civic-minded citizens with high regard for integrity, compassion, and genuine service who lead in a research study that follows ethical standards and excellence in instruction, research, and public service.

It is our mission to improve on basic facilities and design where researchers can work more collaboratively and efficiently. We pursue to guarantee the safety of researchers, to minimize adverse impact to the environment, to respect research protocols involving indigenous communities, and to ensure professional conduct as we encourage good instruction, research, and public service in upholding the University’s banner of Honor and Excellence.


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