The Bachelor of Science in Biology Program of the Department of Biology provides a thorough grounding in the biological sciences by instilling in students important biological theories and concepts, keeping them abreast with the latest development in Biology and allied Sciences, honing their skills in research, field and laboratory work, and inculcating in them a scientific and ethical culture of science.

The BS Biology Program has the highest enrollment in UP Baguio. It has attracted students with outstanding aptitude and keen interest in the Biological Sciences. Most of the students pursue degrees in the health sciences after graduation, to encourage them  also to someday join the ranks of scientists actively engaged in research in the various fields of biology, the Department has been exploring ways to steer its graduates towards research to help build a critical mass of scientists who will take an active role in national development.

The program was revised on November 7, 2002. The rationale for the revision of the BS Biology Program is multi-faceted. First, the University faced the challenge of the curricular effects of the institutionalization of the K-12 program in the Philippine educational system, with the concomitant reconfiguration of our General Education Program and some foundation courses. Secondly, the country was hemmed in by forces of globalization which have engendered a profound disciplinal outlook and strengthened specialization in learning and the production of knowledge. Lastly, the threat of climate change and unabated degradation of our natural resources presented the need to address the dearth of trained environmentalists in science-based environmental protection and restoration. Prior to these revisions, the Department of Biology was classified by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) as a ‘Center of Development’ (COD) last 2012 and 2015.

The BS Biology program was further revised to offer the following Areas of Concentration: General Biology (original program), Microbiology, and Ecology & Systematics, approved by the authority of the UP President last May 2019. The Microbiology Area of Concentration was created to address the dearth of Professional Microbiologists in the educational and industrial sectors of the Philippines while the Ecology & Systematics Area of Concentration was created to produce individuals and leaders to respond to the alarming trend of environmental disturbances in the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) reinforcing the thrust of the MSc in Conservation and Restoration Ecology program of the Department of Biology.