The Revitalized General Education Program

The Revitalized General Education Program (RGEP) of the University of the Philippines System is a basic general education or liberal arts program which makes up the first two years of a baccalaureate (Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science) curriculum. In general, it aims to provide students a broad perspective grounded both in the arts and in the sciences. It is the liberal arts education that makes the UP student a well-rounded person, ready for lifelong learning skills.

Students must take a minimum of 15 units from each of the 3 domains for a total of 45 units.

The 3 domains of knowledge are:

  • Arts and Humanities (15 units)
  • Social Sciences and Philosophy (15 units)
  • Natural Sciences and Mathematics (15 units)


  • to broaden intellectual and cultural horizons
  • to foster commitment to nationalism balanced by a sense of internationalism
  • to cultivate a capacity for independent, critical, and creative thinking
  • to infuse a passion for learning with a high sense of moral and intellectual integrity

Methods of Inquiry

  • quantitative and other forms of reasoning
  • interpretive and aesthetic modes


  • oral and written communication skills
  • independent and critical thinking
  • creative thinking
List of RGEP/GE Courses in the College of Science (as of November 2008)
Course Description Units
Biology 10 The Gene in Life.
The fundamental role of the gene in life.
Chemistry 1 A Practical Approach.
Basic chemistry concepts and their applications.
Geology 2 The Changing Philippine Landforms.
Description and analysis of major physical features and attributes of the Philippine archipelago.
Mathematics 1 Mathematics in Life.
Fundamental concepts in mathematics & applications.
Natural Science I Foundations of Natural Science I.
Fundamental concepts, principles & theories of physics & chemistry.
Natural Science II Foundations of Natural Science II.
Fundamental concepts, principles & theories of earth & life sciences.
Prereq: Nat Sci I.
Natural Science III Earth and Life Through Time.
Study of the physical, atmospheric, hydrologic and biologic conditions of the earth from pre-history to the modern times.
Physics 11 The Physics of Everyday Activities.
Study of basic physical principles through everyday experience of simple to sophisticated technologies in the areas of communication, transportation, information technology and medical technology.
Science, Technology & Society (STS) The analysis from historical & futuristic perspectives of the nature & role of science & technology in society & of the socio-cultural & politico-economic factors affecting their development with emphasis on Philippine setting.
Prereq: SS.