The BS Mathematics program is a four-year program that provides a solid undergraduate preparation in mathematics. The curriculum covers not only the fundamentals and abstract concepts in mathematics but also important and emerging fields in applied mathematics.

The BS Computer Science program, which was instituted in 1996, trains students to become experts in many areas of theoretical computer science. Graduates have become highly skilled in software development and system analysis.


CMSC 11 Introduction to Computer Sciences 3 Coreq: Math 11/17
CMSC 12 Advance Programming Concepts CMSC 11 and Math 11/17 
CMSC 55 Discrete Mathematical Structures in Computer Science Math 17 
CMSC 110 Internet Technologies CMSC 12 
CMSC 116 Mathematical Methods for the Computational Sciences  Math 55 
CMSC 117 Numerical Methods CMSC 116 
CMSC 123 Data Structures  CMSC 12 and 55 
CMSC 124 Design and Implementation of Programming Languages CMSC 123/COI 
CMSC 125 Operating Systems  CMSC 123, 131; or COI 
CMSC 127 File Processing and Database Systems  CMSC 123/COI 
CMSC 128 Introduction to Software Engineering  CMSC 123/COI 
CMSC 130 Logic Design and Digital Computer Circuits  CMSC 11 
CMSC 131 Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming  CMSC 12 
CMSC 135 Computer Networks  CMSC 125 
CMSC 141 Automata and Language Theory  CMSC 55/COI 
CMSC 142 Design and Analysis of Algorithms  CMSC 123/COI 
CMSC 190** Special Problem  COI 
CMSC 199 Undergraduate Seminar  COI 


CMSC 161 Computer Graphics 3 CMSC 116
CMSC 162 Artificial Intelligence CMSC 123
CMSC 191* Special Topics COI
CMSC 123 Elementary Theory of Numbers Math 29
CMSC 134 Complex Analysis Senior Standing
CMSC 160 Probability Theory COI
CMSC 163 Mathematical Statistics Math 55
CMSC 181 Mathematical Methods of Operation Research                            Math 122
CMSC 197* Selected Topics in Mathematics Senior Standing
                                                                           (Or any other CMSC/Math elective from other UP units with the consent of the instructor)
                                                          *  May be taken twice (with different topics) but not more than 2 times
                                                        ** Must be taken twice
1. A BS Computer Science student must pass the required minimum number of Math and Computer Science courses per semester according to the following table:
No. of CmSc and Math courses enrolled in Minimum No. of courses to pass
 1 1
6 or more 

2. A Student who fails to satisfy provision No. 1 for two consecutive terms (including Summer) shall be disqualified from the program.

3. A student must pass Math 17, CMSC 12 and CMSC 55 in two takes at most (including Summer); otherwise he/she shall be disqualified from the program.

4. If, after six semesters of enrollment in the said courses, the student fails to complete all these subjects (Math 17, CMSC 12 and CMSC 55), the student is automatically disqualified from the program.